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We Will Always Be Family:: An “I’m really upset about Merlin” Fanfiction

The Fandoms had gathered. One of them was ending. They would still be there, true, but it would be an existence without.

Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Supernatural gathered around Merlin. The young, five-season-old Fandom shivered, eyes wide and scared.

"I’m frightened. I don’t want to end. I want to stay with you," Merlin pleaded, eyes falling on each of the other Fandoms.

The others looked at each other sadly. Doctor Who put a hand on Merlin’s shoulder, trying to be as comforting as was possible.

"Don’t worry, we’ll stay right here."

Merlin swallowed hard and nodded. “Until the end. P-please stay.”

"Of course," said Sherlock.

Supernatural nodded in agreement. “We stick by family.”

Merlin’s eyes darted around, trying to find something, anything, that might help. The Fandom’s gaze fell on two new figures watching on, their expressions sad, but smiles on their lips.


"We’re the Fandoms whose shows and books ended. I’m Firefly and this is Harry Potter. You’ll be with us soon. Don’t worry, you’ll be okay." The words of the one called Firefly nearly brought fresh tears to Merlin’s eyes.

"Will it hurt? Will it hurt when it… when I…" voice shaking, Merlin’s bleary gaze dropped.

"No, it’s easy. Peaceful in a way. No more plot developments, no more character deaths. After your last episode, it will be easy. Just like falling asleep." It was Harry Potter that spoke. 

Both of the new Fandom’s stepped towards the frightened Merlin.

"I can see them. The ones that have gone before," Merlin whispered, giving Supernatural a panicked look. "I can see them."

"That’s good. Listen to them, let them guide you through this." Sherlock turned slightly, watching Firefly and Harry Potter. "Help Merlin," the Fandom nodded.

"We will," the two chorused.

"Don’t leave me alone," Merlin said again, feeling panicky, but also tired. "Don’t leave me."

"We’re all here for you. Forever.”


Oh god. I’ve made myself cry. Okay, so this was inspired by this post. I am so sorry. I just have a lot of emotions.